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Our cocoa plantation draws on cocoa varieties from around the world. Fiji’s volcanic soils, tropical climate and other unique ‘terroir’ conditions add their dimension to the flavour profile. After harvest, the skills of our farm team come into play as they manage two critical steps in flavour development – fermenting, followed by drying.

Next, the chocolate maker takes over. The beans are gently roasted – if you visit the factory on a roasting day you will surely agree that the scent of roasting cocoa beans is one of the finest aromas in the world. The nibs are then refined and conched for many hours, as we carefully monitor the developing flavours. Finally the chocolate is tempered – melted and gently stirred on a cool stone table, to set the cocoa butter in the optimum crystal form for melt-in-the-mouth exquisiteness.

That’s how we make our chocolate magic…

Our chocolate

Every step of our cocoa journey, everything we do and every decision we make on the cocoa farm, has one ultimate aim – to produce the best chocolate, with the finest flavour possible.

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