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Our products

As a company, KokoMana likes to be innovative - and our chocolate-maker likes to be creative - so our product list is continuously evolving. Please follow us on Facebook for latest developments. And, of course, seeing our products online is no substitute for coming to KokoMana to TASTE them. However, to give you an idea of what we produce, here are our current offerings.

And, if you like the look of any of our products but can't get to Savusavu for the moment for a taste-test, then have a look at our Facebook page for any upcoming delivery options. We don't have the means to ship internationally but we are trying to make regular shipments to Suva - and other destinations in Fiji may be a possibility, depending on ferries and courier services.

Chocolate bars

Our signature product: a pure-and-simple bar of plain chocolate, made from local cocoa nibs and Fiji cane sugar - no stabilisers, emulsifiers, colouring or other additives. Flavoured bars have just a few grams of quality local ingredients, to enhance the natural flavours of the cocoa, not to mask them.

Bars are 55g, packed in biodegradable cellophane.

  • Plain chocolate - 85% (that's 85% nibs, 15% sugar)

  • Plain chocolate - 70% (that's 70% nibs, 15% sugar)

  • 70% chocolate - with a hint of seasalt (from the Lau islands)

  • 70% chocolate - with a hint of chilli (from the Sigatoka Valley)

  • 70% chocolate - with a hint of chai masala (from Labasa)

For factory-direct sales: Fj$11.50 per bar

Chocolate in various shapes

Just for a bit of fun, the same fine chocolate, moulded in different shapes. These seem to be appreciated as presents by 'kids of all ages'!

  • Seasalt turtles - 70% chocolate with a hint of seasalt
    (28g for a packet of three) For direct sales: Fj$6.00/packet

  • Fiery frogs  - 70% chocolate with a hint of chilli
    (40g for a packet of two) For direct sales: Fj$8.00/packet

  • Pure chocolate hearts - 70% plain chocolate
    (pack of two or pack of six) - Sorry, not currently in stock

Chocolate-covered ginger

This is 'Fiji's Finest' crystallized ginger from Nabua in Viti Levu, coated with our delicious 85% pure local chocolate. We buy 'naked' ginger as the raw material - that's without the 'extra' external coating of sugar - and by pairing it with our not-too-sweet 85% chocolate, we believe we have achieved a great balance of flavour. 

  • Our standard, most popular, size is 65g
    For factory-direct sales: Fj$11.50 per packet.

  • For the real enthusiast, we can also offer 100g packets

Chocolate-covered coconut bar

Bringing an iconic taste of the Pacific islands into our product range, we have created a coconut-cream bar, coated with our signature dark chocolate. The 'cream' is made with coconut milk (not dairy cream) and we don't add extra sugar to the filling - so you can really enjoy the coconut flavour... and of course the contrast with the rich flavour of KokoMana chocolate.

  • Coconut bars are now packaged as two square 'nuggets' together (40g)
    For direct sales: Fj$8.50 per bar

Chocolate fudge

Do you have a 'sweet tooth'? Then you will surely love our fudge! Perhaps not our most sophisticated product, this hand-made fudge is nevertheless prepared for you with the same loving care - and it packs a really rich chocolate taste! Made with sweetened condensed milk, a touch of vanilla essence and, of course, KokoMana's fine chocolate (blend of flavours).

  • chocolate fudge is available in packets of 55g 
    For direct sales: Fj$8.50 per packet

Easter eggs - just for Easter, of course!

Easter is the busiest time of year for KokoMana - as for most chocolate makers around the world. Ours are classical pure chocolate eggs - with the well-balanced sweetness of 70% nibs - 30% sugar. Our large eggs are hollow, the small ones solid

  • large eggs - one per packet (available in time for Easter)

  • small eggs - foil-wrapped, four per packet (available in time for Easter)

Cooking chocolate

Do you like cooking with chocolate? Would you like to try out one of KokoMana's easy-but-delicious recipes? We offer cooking chocolate either in tempered bars or as untempered shavings. The shavings come from the conching machines, from the bowls used in tempering (in which case they may have traces of flavourings) or are simply shaved from block of untempered chocolate. Normally, our cooking chocolate is 70% nibs, 30% sugar - though we can provide 85% on request.

  • cooking chocolate bars (250g) Sorry, not currently available

  • cooking chocolate shavings (200g) Sorry, not currently available

  • chefs' serious slabs (500g or 1kg) Sorry, not currently available
    (we are currently facing shortages of high-quality beans - once we have an assured supply, we will offer these products again)

Cocoa nibs

This product is for the health-conscious: just the natural taste of fine cocoa beans, with no added sugar! Many of our customers like to sprinkle
KokoMana cocoa nibs on their breakfast cereal, on yoghourt, ice-cream or other desserts. The nibs are coarsely ground ('cracked') for a crunchy texture This product has a long shelf-life, especially if kept in the fridge.

  • cocoa nibs are available in 300g zip-lock packets
    Sorry, not currently available
    (as for cooking chocolate, we will offer this product again, as soon as we can assure our cocoa supply)

For upcoming deliveries and 'offers' please check out our Facebook page:


Please order by sending us a message through Facebook or email.

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