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Fine chocolate comes from excellent cocoa...

Cocoa variety, growing conditions, processing... all contribute to the flavour and other qualities of the final product: fine chocolate!

At KokoMana, we are committed to getting all the elements right. We are evaluating cocoa varieties from around the world - both for their productivity under local conditions and for their quality as raw material for chocolate. We provide the right amount of shade in an 'agroforestry' setting and a fertile soil, rich in organic matter. We graft, train and prune the trees to keep them in the best possible shape. We ferment the beans in simple hardwood boxes and dry the beans naturally, in the sun.

We reckon the result (with a bit of input from the chocolate-maker!) is an excellent, single-origin, fine-flavour chocolate. But don't take our word for it - come and try it for yourself!

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